Please Take Action This Coming Week

Hi Friends,

Thank you for your patience as I navigate the end of the school year and our impending move. I have some very important action items for you, taking place next week!

Also HOORAY! for Congress making Juneteenth a federal holiday! There are lots of ways to celebrate June 19 (Saturday) — check out some local options here.

Arlington County Civilian Review Board — June 22
Arlington County is creating a Civilian Review Board and needs to hear from community members who support the recommendations of the Police Practices Group
- See the Call to Action from the Arlington Branch of the NAACP and Arlington for Justice
- Sign up to speak at the June 22 Civilian Review Board Hearing

Arlington Public Schools School Board vote on SROs in schools — June 24
The Superintendent has recommended that SROs be removed from regular school presence. The School Board has been receiving pressure from community members to vote against the Superintendent’s recommendations. Please support the recommendations of the SRO Work Group and tell the School Board that you support the removal of SROs from schools!
- See the Call to Action from the Arlington Branch of the NAACP and Black Parents of Arlington, including links to all of the presentations, recommendations, and supporting documentation.
- See the statement from Black Parents of Arlington and Arlington for Justice
- Sign up to speak at the June 24 School Board meeting in-person or by phone starting June 18.

Please also remember that we share lots of great resources through social media:
Facing Race in Arlington Facebook page (managed by the amazing Leah)
White Folks Facing Race Twitter feed (managed by Emily)
- Resources and past blog posts on White Folks Facing Race (managed by Emily and Leah)

You can also sign up for regular local updates to actions and events and resources from these wonderful organizations:

Showing Up for Racial Justice (NoVa chapter and DC chapter)

Your local NAACP chapter

Arlington for Justice

Black Parents of Arlington

Service Never Sleeps

Challenging Racism

Integrated Schools (including Arlington’s chapter)

Center for Youth and Family Advocacy

Virginians Organized for Interfaith Community Engagement (VOICE)

I am so encouraged by the number of you who have reached out to tell me about the amazing work you’re doing in your communities to engage White people about becoming more anti-racist. Thank you for your efforts and for your dedication to this work! I am excited to continue to serve as a resource for any of you and I look forward to hearing more about your efforts.

My departure doesn’t mean an end, but just another beginning. The work continues! As a kind and wise friend said, “The best thing we can do to show our appreciation of Emily’s efforts in Arlington is to keep doing the work, even after she leaves.”

Change brings progress. Here’s to bringing about change, together!

Listen. Amplify. Follow.