More Resources and Educational Equity Intro

I have heard from many of you about your interest in focusing on educational equity issues in our community. This update is all about resources to consider as you educate yourself about systemic racism and educational equity issues:
“White people: what is your plan for the Trump presidency?” by Brittany Packnett in Vox. This one is particularly impressive given that it was written right after the election and is prescient about some of the things that have happened since. The headline sounds like it’s focused on partisan issues, but the majority of the content is about confronting racism.
“Going It Alone” by Rahawa Haile in Outside Online. This is a wonderful personal account as well as a touch on environmental racism issues.
“Are We Raising Racists?” by Jennifer Harvey in The New York Times. Related to parenting, this also has good advice for having conversations about race in general.
“It’s Time for White Parents of White Kids to Bring the Resistance Home” by Gayle Kirshenbaum in Huffington Post. I know it says resistance, but the subtitle is “Conversations about race have to start much earlier than most white people think they do.”
Integrated Schools on Facebook. This is a FB group called “Families Choosing Integration: Parent-to-Parent Grassroots Movement to Choose Diverse Schools.” This may have been on our resource list, but is worth sharing again.
“How Marginalized Families are Pushed Out of PTAs” by Casey Quinlan in The Atlantic. Please read this one especially if you are involved in your child’s PTA.
“School Segregation Didn’t Go Away. It Just Evolved.” by Alvin Chang in Vox. This one is REALLY long, but has wonderful graphics and a huge amount of very useful information. Keep visiting it to get through it.
Where do you see systemic racism?

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