Nondiscrimination and Diverse Choice Schools

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I hope all of you are smoothly winding down the school year and/or enjoying the swift transition to summer. I have one major update for you and a few smaller ones below.
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The opportunity for input on the PIP draft for the “Policy J-2 Student Equal Educational Opportunities-Nondiscrimination” is now live! Please provide your affirmation for transgender students and your support for the updated PIP. The deadline for input is June 11.
For additional information, here is the message Arlington Gender Identity Allies (AGIA) shared on Facebook: “APS has posted its draft PIP (Policy Implementation Procedures) for its existing nondiscrimination policy (J-2) and is asking for comments. AGIA believes that this draft PIP will help protect transgender and gender-nonconforming students from discrimination. The PIP provides balanced guidelines for APS in a number of different areas, including training for staff, access to bathrooms and locker rooms, dress codes, participation in student activities, protection of privacy, use of names and pronouns, and field trips.
The draft PIP follows or refers to Title IX, FERPA, guidelines of the National School Boards Association, and regulations of the Virginia High School League and the Virginia Scholastic Rowing Association, as well as other organizations that seek to protect the civil rights of transgender and gender non-conforming students.
One concern we have with the draft PIP is that it doesn’t stipulate that bathroom access must be convenient. Some transgender students in Arlington have been late for their classes many times because the gender-neutral bathroom is located far from their locker and classrooms, sometimes two floors below.
While we are asking for support from the Arlington community, we are aware that opponents of this PIP have publicly sought support outside of Arlington. Please read and comment in support of the draft PIP on the APS Engage page. Positive comments on each section will help ensure that the PIP isn’t delayed and doesn’t lose any of these important protections.”
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The Century Foundation has a really great report on “Recruiting and Enrolling a Diverse Student Body in Public Choice Schools.” As APS works on its Instructional Pathways, Transportation, and other policies, procedures, and priorities, we can encourage them to make decisions that are holistic in nature rather than in silos, considering the overall impact on all students with an equity lens in mind.
Lauretta Charlton wrote in Race/Related about “What Reparations for Slavery Might Look Like in 2019” with a focus on the numbers for the various proposals being suggested.
One DC is hosting two Juneteenth events. If you’re unfamiliar with this holiday, it celebrates “the emancipation of enslaved Black people in Texas on June 19, 1865.” There will be many such events in our area around June 19.
Try something hard, even if it is uncomfortable.
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