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Hi Friends,
What an election. Good signs, especially related to voters’ rights. Shaun King wrote about the Ocoee, FL election day massacre in 1920, which is just one example of the ways in which people of color have been deterred from voting over time. The recent examples of voter suppression may be less violent, but they are no less effective. I’m glad to see many people standing up to protect voters’ rights all over the country.
Thank you all for the recent discussions and sharing of events and resources. I love seeing group members taking action and sharing their experiences and perspectives!
This Saturday, November 10, SURJ NoVa is hosting “Talking to Kids About Race”. This is one of the first anti-racism events I attended a couple of years ago and I highly recommend it.
Integrated Schools released their new podcasts. You can listen to them here. They describe it as “Parents talking with parents about school segregation & integration, the choices we parents make and the ways we think about them, the struggles and surprises, the joys and mistakes.”
Also from Integrated Schools is this focus on Pittsburgh and its experiences of school integration and segregation. There are overlaps and connections for white supremacy between people of color and people of Jewish faith. The experiences are not all the same, but there is common ground.
I wanted to share Hold the Line Magazine again because they have such great resources (and t-shirts now!). It’s all about supporting caregivers so we can raise our kids to make even bigger change than we can.
I’m amplifying a request from the local NAACP branch to support the Alexandria Domestic Violence Program and its upcoming Children’s Holiday Party. More information is here.
Thank you all for your continued work on yourselves and in your community.
Listen. Amplify. Follow.

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