How Does Your Privilege Protect You?

Hi Friends!
I’m sorry for the delay. I have been working on something that isn’t ready yet, which I’ll hopefully share in the next week or so.
I’m also meeting with Richard D. Kahlenberg at The Century Foundation early this coming week to talk about educational equity. Here’s one of his most recent publications on school integration. If you have topics or questions you’d like me to bring up, please send them to me.
In the meantime, here’s your weekly dose of resources:
- “Fairfax County schools accused of discriminating against disabled” by Debbie Truong.
Botham Jean verdict emotional fallout — forgiveness and racial burdens.
Indigenous people’s day is replacing Columbus Day in DC, Alexandria, Prince George’s — where is Arlington in this conversation? Here’s more about this history.
Combating Intolerance class at McLean High School.
- Arlington and Alexandria are working together to support inclusive growth in the anticipation of Amazon’s impact on the region.
- Southern Poverty Law Center Weekend Read: “When justice depends on the size of your pocketbook”.
- Teaching Tolerance has an article called, “A Crooked Seat at the Table: Black and Alone in an Honors Class”.
- City Lab’s Brentin Mock has the story about Montgomery, Alabama’s first black mayor, elected this month.
- A reminder that Challenging Racism is hosting several trainings and workshops.
- Integrated Schools is hosting a panel discussion and workshop in Richmond on October 25–26.
- Black Lives Matter is hosting open houses every 3rd Tuesday of the month. “Our Open Houses are created by, led, and for Black people. Allies are welcome to attend.” Next one is on October 15.
- OAR is hosting its second Racial Equity and Inclusion Action Network meeting on October 24.
- The John M. Langston Citizens Association is hosting “Learn from This Place: Bringing Arlington to Halls Hill” on November 13.
- Inclusive Schools Network is hosting a webinar called “Avoiding 7 Common Missteps in Achieving Inclusive Schools” on October 24 and November 21.
- SURJ is hosting a webinar on expanding electoral work to majority-white communities on October 29.
- Housing Arlington is hosting a series of online community conversations starting October 21 on housing and economics, the environment, and equity.
Keep asking questions!
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