Do Not Let The Perfect Be The Enemy of The Good

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about not letting the perfect be the enemy of the good. This has come up in a few ways for me lately. First, I’m a recovering perfectionist, so this is a phrase I often have in my head so I don’t prevent myself from moving forward, particularly when things are complicated. Second, I would never be able to share resources or encourage you to listen to people or organizations if I needed those things to be perfect. Third, in this work we will make mistakes. We must be accepting of our humanity, that none of us are perfect, none of us will ever be completely anti-racist, and that we must try in spite of this.
Please keep trying. Please be willing to take risks and make mistakes. Please apologize when you do, pick yourself up, and try again. Movements fail when we condemn those who are less than perfect. While it is important to recognize mistakes, it is just as important to welcome people into the movement, faults and all. We are stronger together from a place of love against those who are not making mistakes, but who are acting intentionally from hate.
I want to share a Facing Race in Arlington FB page (thank you, Leah, for helping me make this happen!). I’m slowly moving towards expanding the reach of this group and my blog, so stay tuned! Feel free to like and share.
- Richard Florida writes about how “‘Climate Gentrification’ Will Deepen Urban Inequality” and check out Linda Poon’s “Where America’s Climate Migrants Will Go As Sea Level Rises
- Oral History: Desegregation of Arlington Public Schools — interview with Dorothy Hamm — in the oral history collection of Arlington Public Library.
- IB World Magazine October 2019 issue “Breaking the glass ceiling to opportunity” about implicit bias and how it is holding students back.
- Matt Blitz wrote in 2017, “Charles Drew Lived Here” in Arlington
- Abby Raphael’s latest Ed Talk post is about “Accountability
- A group member shared another event at Arlington Public Libraries: “Not in My Neighborhood” on March 19.
- February 13 event — African-American Experience in Arlington, from 7:00–9:00 pm at the Central Library Auditorium
Listen. Amplify. Follow.

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