Food Distribution and Vulnerable Populations

Hi Friends!
I’m sorry I missed an update for you last week. We were focused on the third food pantry event at my children’s school and my involvement with countywide efforts has been ramping up. I hope you’re all having a good “spring break.”
I distributed a letter today about food distribution efforts in the County. Please check it out and let me know if you’d like to be involved. The countywide networking is still moving forward to have contacts in every neighborhood for coordinating volunteers and encouraging everyone to have a buddy or two. The food distribution effort specifically is beyond that, including existing organizations like AFAC, including school-related food pantry efforts, and including food pantries at faith communities, and also expanding to other potential distribution sites and a countywide food acquisition, storage, and bagging process. Feel free to share!
I have some strong concerns about the Arlington County Democratic Committee’s decision to move forward with the School Board caucus by mail. If they were sending a ballot to every registered voter, with prepaid return postage, then I would cheer this effort happily. However, they are requiring that people request a ballot online or by filling out a form and mailing it in, which must be received by May 7. Then a ballot will be mailed (assuming the person is a registered voter), which then must be returned by May 30. This has significant equity barriers because of a lack of internet access and/or a printer for many community members. It also begs the question again of why a partisan organization is involved in a non-partisan race at all. The most equitable thing to do is to have ALL School Board candidates on the ballot in November.
Please feel free to share equity concerns with me (or the group) as they come up. The examples are so numerous — here’s a great resource for understanding how inequality leads to higher risks for vulnerable populations.
Listen. Amplify. Follow.

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