Summer Challenge

Hi Friends!
I hope everyone weathered the storm safely. One of our group members shared news of the damage to the Halls Hill “segregation wall,” which I hope will continue to be preserved as a reminder of our history (in addition to the marker that was erected). And speaking of preserving history, there’s a hearing on designating Barry Farm in DC a Historic Landmark (July 11 12:30–5:00 pm).
I know it’s early, but back to school support is already needed for vulnerable families in Arlington:
Doorways is sponsoring a Back to School Campaign and there are several ways to contribute
APAH has started its backpack donation program (drop off the week of July 22)
So many interesting news and other resources lately:
- The Washington Post’s Donna St. George wrote a story about the criminalization of students who make silly mistakes (or adults who incorrectly interpret a situation), which more often happens to children of color, even in Arlington;
- Montgomery County is evaluating its school boundaries (anyone else break out in hives just thinking about it?) and the comments and resistance are familiar;
- Equity and homelessness resources (from Doorways’ recent newsletter) include the National Alliance to End Homelessness’ “Using Data to Promote Equity: The Demographic Data Project” and Safe Housing Partnerships’ study of the intersections between homelessness and domestic and sexual violence survivors and their families;
- And, conversations about busing have been all over the news lately after the Democratic debates.
Upcoming events THIS WEEK:
- SURJ is hosting an all-chapter call to celebrate its 10-year anniversary on July 14
Lights for Liberty is hosting a vigil in DC on July 12 to protest the human detention camps and the administration’s immigration policies
Challenge for July: Summer is a great time to meet people you’re likely never going to see again. Take a chance and find a way to bring up your anti-racism work (or things you’ve been learning about racism, privilege, etc.) in a conversation with a new (white) acquaintance and see what happens. In my experience, it’s generally positive! I’d love to hear about your experiences!
Listen. Amplify. Follow.

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