Historical Roots and Today's Actions

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Sorry this update is a bit late today! Our event last week was a wonderful opportunity to speak with Parisa Dehghani-Tafti about her vision for the Commonwealth’s Attorney office and what she has been working on since the primary in June. News flash — she still has to be officially elected in November, so please don’t rest on the success of the primary. Work to get out the vote! You can get connected with the campaign . And if there is interest in putting together another group meeting with her, please let me know!
Follow-up from the Black Parents of Arlington pamphlet and APS’s response includes an , raising more awareness about racial disparities in Arlington’s schools. If you plan to speak at any School Board meetings this year, keep this information in mind and follow their lead.
- Petula Dvorak encourages parents to .
- Prince George’s County is . Ward 7 in DC is also collecting school supplies (see attached).
- New Hampshire , as are many other white people across the country in relation to political candidates and elected officials. I made this an action item because each of us has a role in speaking up and making racial justice something everyone should care about and work to make a reality.
- The NAACP has an initiative called “Power of Five” to help get more people registered to vote. You can  to get involved.
- The NAACP is also gearing up to ensure a fair census in 2020, so if you’re interested in that, .
- Texas law enforcement . For all of the arguments trying to explain why this wasn’t racist, that the members of law enforcement weren’t racist: there is no way they would have done this to a white person.
- Attorney General Barr spoke to the Fraternal Order of Police last week and referred to the dangers posed by district attorneys “who style themselves as ‘social justice’ reformers”. .
- There was a  who had to walk from the Upper South to the Deep South.
- Rebecca Tan highlighted the fact that .
- A group member shared that a recent episode of the  featured an interview with Valerie Wilson, director of the Program on Race, Ethnicity, and the Economy at the Economic Policy Institute, in response to the  regarding the persistence of a racial wealth gap in America. Stephanie Lampkin called into the show and mentioned her company, , which is “developing BlendScore: a proprietary inclusion index that publicly rates companies on how effectively they are supporting diversity, inclusion, and equity across their business. We will not see serious investments in solving these problems until companies experience a cost of inclusion indifference.”
- IntegratedSchools shared a  to keep in mind as we start the new school year.
- The SPLC’s Weekend Read is entitled, “” which seems obvious, but is really worth the read.
- NPR had a recent story about . They also had a story about how  where they are more likely to be deported.
- Christopher Ingraham wrote about the new research that .
- Sarah Holder wrote about city planning and how the public consultation process can be .
- Plans at the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) .
- Matthew Desmond wrote as part of the 1619 Project, “
- EmbraceRace shared the video of their conversation about “
- You can read more about Black August , from the San Francisco Bay View, a national black newspaper.
- “
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