Responding to Hate

Hi Friends!
Happy August. For some, it is known as Black August and this quick history will tell you why.
- William Wan at the Washington Post wrote an article about the detrimental health effects of racism, particularly on children.
- Keep your eyes on Del. Samirah (Fairfax) who spoke up at the Jamestown celebration during the President’s remarks and who is now calling attention to the systemic racism of “The Virginia Way.”
- Also related to the Jamestown celebration, Dana Hedgpeth wrote about Powhatan and his descendants.
- Robin DiAngelo (author of White Fragility), wrote about how white people react to diversity training in the workplace.
- Teen Vogue’s Elly Belle wrote about “How White People Can Hold Each Other Accountable to Stop Institutional Racism.”
- Max Boot wrote “Get a grip, white people. We’re not the victims.” in The Washington Post.
- The National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI) is hosting information sessions about a new initiative in the DC area: “This is an opportunity for activists working in progressive organizations to be trained to lead workshops within their organizations that will deepen their understanding of: anti-Semitism, the relationship between anti-Semitism and racism, and the use of anti-Semitism as a weapon to incite internal discord within communities, pit progressive organizations against each other, and undermine the work of building a more inclusive society.” Information sessions are being held on September 18 and 25 and you can RSVP here.
- SURJ NoVa is hosting a screening and discussion of the first installment of “When They See Us” on August 18 at 6:30 pm.
- The Green Valley Civic Association is hosting Green Valley Day on September 21 from 12–6 pm.
- Mijente, La ColectiVA, and Justice for Muslims Collective have started a #CheckYourComplicity campaign. You can sign the petition here and you can read about the campaign launch here.
Shaun King has been on fire in the last week:
- He announced The Action PAC, which is focused on flipping the Senate and directly addressing racism and bigotry in our country. This is also directly relevant to the recent mass white supremacist gun violence we have experienced.
- If you’re looking for a way to volunteer to help elect progressive district attorneys around the country, the Real Justice PAC is accepting volunteers for data entry to help get new candidates on the ballot — a very flexible time commitment!
One foot in front of the other, especially when you’re despairing. Keep moving. Self care. Keep moving.
Listen. Amplify. Follow.
PS. I just found out about a Listening Session — “Everyday White Supremacy” — at UUCA on Saturday, August 10 from 7–9 pm, including some of the same amazing activists who did the listening session after the news about Northam and other VA leadership hit the news. This is not to be missed. (Unfortunately, I will be out of town.) Please make an effort to attend!

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