We are committed to facing racism in ourselves and our communities and taking anti-racist actions to dismantle white supremacy and systemic racism. Please join us!

If you identify as white, are you conscious of your race and how it affects every moment of your life? Are you willing to do the work to find out?

If you haven’t considered this question before or have no idea what I’m asking you, please read on. I’m white and the mother of three young children. I have been connecting with people in my community to encourage fellow white folks to come to terms with our privilege, identify our own racism and biases, and then leverage our privilege in ways that follow, listen to, and amplify people of color's (POC's) efforts locally and more broadly to dismantle systemic racial and economic discrimination.
Our focus is often on primary and secondary educational equity issues because that is how our community organizing has manifested, but the resources we have compiled over time are relevant to the many ways white supremacy affects our culture and society.
I have been writing updates to my group on a weekly basis since August 23, 2017, and I will be sharing those updates more widely here (edited as needed) to encourage white folks everywhere to do this important work and to trust that many others are also engaged in facing race.
My group is based in the Washington, DC area, so if you are located in our community and you would like to be more involved in person with our meetings or local events, please contact me.

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